05 July 2006
TMI Tuesday
TMI Tuesday -- 'Cause I can. And I have time on my hands.

Tougher questions today... hold on! :)
1. When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down? I think it was about a year ago. I went to a club with a couple girl friends and there was some drunk-assed private. The end result was me saying "I don't think so" as I laughed in his face. I tried not to laugh, really I did. It seemed kinda mean. But the dude was such a charicature of an over-dressed Jody hitting on the women left at home, I couldn't help it.
2. Would you rather drive or be driven? :) Mostly driven, though I like an occasional turn in the driver's seat.
3. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your sex life? With 10 being "oh my god in heaven, i should be paying for this" and 1 being "why am I here anyways? did I take out the trash?" I'd say prolly a seven. It's hard to hit much higher than that when you've got multiple kids under 12.
4. Do you believe someone can truly be bisexual? As in a biological compulsion to bisexuality, in the same manner that I believe homosexuality is unchangeable? Not really sure. Sometimes I think bisexuals (real ones, not just chicks who make out with other chicks to get guys all hot and bothered) are simply more open minded than most of us.
5. How often do you feel guilty or ashamed after a sexual experience? Never, since I got married.
Bonus (as in "optional"): Do you feel female homosexuality is more accepted than male? Why? Yes it is, likely because females in general are more aesthetically pleasing.


Blogger Manic Witch said...

1. A few years ago and it was by such an asshole that it was pretty easy to let him know that going home by myself and "taking care of things" will result in a much better time than he could ever offer.
2. I prefer to be driven if its with Hubs, otherwise, I need to feel like I am in control. I just don't think I can relax with someone else driving.
3. 28. :) Hubs is a GOD!
4. I don't know about the whole "purely bisexual" thing. Maybe its a case of "I can go either way, depending on who I hook up with."
5. Same here. Years ago, before I met Hubs, I had a period of time where I was enjoying being single again after 10 years of a bad marriage. I ended up doing things I still don't want to think about.
6. I think its the same thing. But also, in p0rn0s, they almost always have some chick-on-chick action, which gets guys hot and bothered, but I think a lot of men are freaked out over the thought of guys getting it together.

Blogger airforcewife said...

Definately agree about the aesthetics. Most men do, too.

My husband (who wore a hula skirt and coconut bra at my cousbian's committment ceremony reception) explains the male/female gay thing this way:

"Women are soft and pretty and they smell good. Men are rough and hairy and stinky. I can't even figure out why women like us in the first place."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Rhianna said...

1. My two-year old in a temper tantrum about 3 days ago. If you're talking adult, I'd say never - my Daddy raised me not to take no shit from any man that'd dare hit me. Hubby knows if he hits me his ass better be gone when I get up or I'll kick his ass and then I'm out the door for good.

2. I'm the navigational type - blame that on my Daddy too. I honestly don't like to drive with kiddos in the car, though I do enjoy driving with NO children or with other adults. I can drive like a real TEXAN. ;)

3. 8-9 most times (far less as I'm not currently gettin' any - damn TDYs). After a long stretch TDY, I'd make it well above a 10 for the first few weeks, atleast.

4. I believe bisexuality is an actualy 'sexuality' just like homo and hetro. Women are more geared to it, they've done studies and we're more able to 'adapt'. Men are more 'hard-wired' to hetero or homo versus bi. As for pr0n...Well, we won't discuss our colletion, shall we? ;)

5. I've only had sex with hubby. I honestly don't regret anything I did BEFORE hubby (I was no innocent virgin), but I'm not always PROUD of what I did...or more rightly WHO I did it with.

Blogger Rhianna said...

Dude, I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. To paraphrase Ron WHite...I'm a redneck, she caught me on a corndog, didn't even have to take out the stick!

As #1 is HIT ON, not HIT (I needed a nap, really I did), that would be about 3 years ago. A Seabee at RAF West Ruislip - the dude had biceps bigger than my head. I don't think I was droolin' but...He hit on me until he realized I had kids in the backseat of the Dodge. DAMNIT!!

They did move all the folks down to Naples though, so maybe. ;) ;)

Blogger SaintSimon said...

Female homosexuality is accepted more becasue its still a male dominated society, and men like to fantasise about female homosexuals becasue their fantasies need two people and being hetersexual themselves they don't want a hairy man in there. Well that's where i'm coming from anyway. Except that of course I am too innocent to know !!??!!

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