08 June 2006
They're really sneaky about it.
I don't know why, but I'm constantly surprised at the malleability of some people. I'm not actively feuding with my neighbors anymore, but something happened yesterday that I just want to bitch about.

I haven't talked about this particular neighbor before, so she needs a nick name: Island Woman. IW lives directly above Neighbor Bitch and has always been cozy with her (despite the fact that NB talks shit behind IW's back about how IW is "always trying to get whatever I have." Um, yeah, you're the wife of a fairly shitty soldier, you have no education, and you think country kitsch is the prettiest way to decorate a kitchen, ever. And you don't even realise it's kitsch.) When all the shit really hit the fan, IW came down solidly on NB's side and gave me the cold shoulder. Now that the husbands are all back (and I think because my hubby's the only one in the building who made the E7 list) she's gotten all friendly with me. Whenever we see each other in the PX, she waves at me or comes up to chat with me. I'm always polite, but I never seek her out or make the first move.

When I come home from work, I have to get out of my car and open my gate directly next to NB's yard. Then I move my car forward and have to get out and shut the gate again. Last night, NB, IW and their respective husbands were all hanging out in her yard. I pulled up, did my little routine with the gate and there was nothing from IW. I don't think she even looked at me, even though I was not 10 feet away. But when she's by herself, she can wave to me and call my name from 30 feet away. Her husband smiled and waved but she can't be bothered.

Whatever. I didn't ask for her mealy-mouthed attempts at friendship. I'm perfectly cool living in my little cave. But does she really fucking think that I won't notice the two-faced-ness? I wonder what she would say if I were to ask her why she didn't say hi. "Oh, I didn't notice you there."

I swear to God, I've almost come to respect NB a bit lately. Whenever she's not around, everyone else is licking ass, ever since Hubby made the E7 list. At least NB holds her ground. She doesn't like me and she sticks to that. I'm cool with it, I can understand. I don't like her and her petty bullshit either. But at least she's not some inconsistant whore who flips like a penny.


Blogger Christie said...

sound delightful *sarcasm*

Sorry you're having such trouble with your neighbors

Blogger Household6 said...

Please let me have nice neighbors next month....(fingers crossed)

Blogger Rhianna said...

Oh, the neighbors again - or still. If it helps, mine are the same. You're not in it alone, and there's no reason to try to make the nosy little chatty cathy whore like you. :D

Don't you just LOVE how the hubbies are the ones that illicit 'good' relations? My two-faced neighbors apparently think mine is an idiot and doesn't know what they got up to while he was TDY. They always smile and wave when he's in the vehicle but go right back to 'ice queen' mode when he's not. And he's seen it. It's a little private joke of ours. SO much fun. ;)

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