01 June 2006
Glad I wasn't the one who did it
Oooo-weee, don't get my boss pissed at you! There's an IT guy up at our home unit who's rude constantly. He hung up on me again today, for like the six billionth time and Chief so did not take it well. I've only ever been hung up on twice other than by this guy and he makes it about an every-other week event. Are Chief and I the only ones who find this unbelievably disrespectful? Theoretically he does it to other people, do they just bend over and hold their ass open, waiting for it? She had me call him back and basically ripped him a new one. It was negated just a touch because she gets this odd wavery quality to her voice when she's upset but I still wouldn't have liked to be on the receiving end.


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