17 April 2006
Georgia on my mind
We’ve been back in Georgia three days and I have to say it feels good. Damn good. There’s something about Georgia that I really like. It’s starting to feel kind of like home. I still have a fond place in my heart for California but with the way my parents move around all the time it doesn’t feel familiar anymore. When we come here to Georgia, we always stay at my mother-in-law’s house and it’s starting to have a nice, comfortable feeling to it. Like maybe I really belong with these people. I also understand when a local gives me directions: "Over 5 on the bridge, by the Walmart" makes perfect sense. It’s kind of a new feeling for me.

So far the visit’s been a bit on the hectic side, what with seeing all the family members and Easter and hubby’s ex-step-father unfortunately dieing. They’re not having a funeral or a wake or anything though. I personally don’t understand it, but that’s their business. At least hubby got to catch up with his brother. It was the first time they were able to meet in person in eleven years.

Tomorrow hubby finally gets to go fishing. He’s over the moon about it. Can’t fucking wait. We had to go to Walmart last night at midnight and get him a new fishing license (and also fix up an Easter fuck up with the baskets.) I still haven’t made it to Target yet, though I’m chomping at the bit to get there. I’m going to the mall tomorrow though. Nekkid child needs new shoes from Striderite, I need my face soap from Clinique and I need to run my iPod by the Apple store. It’s doing something weird whenever I listen to audiobooks.

We’re going to Las Vegas on Thursday. Almost six years of marriage and we’re finally going on our honeymoon. We’re getting our vows renewed too. Hubby couldn’t hold out on my ring though. I ordered it about a six weeks ago from the internet and he kept telling me that I wasn’t going to wear it or even see it ‘til our renewal ceremony. But he broke down tonight. He not only showed it to me, he put it on my finger. It’s so gorgeous, I’m so happy with it. Over a year of shopping to find what I really liked. Yipee!

Anyways, I gotta go. Hubby wants to go swimming. It’s 2130 and that pool isn’t very warm. I’m not sure if I want to go.


Anonymous Mike in DC said...

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Blogger julie anna said...

Vegas huh? I'm jealous! I had a nice honeymoon years ago, but our tiny wedding sucked because our parents didn't want us to get married. Looking back, I wish that we had just gone to Vegas for our wedding (without family!)

Hope you have fun :)

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