22 May 2006
I'm not sure why I'm actually surprised by all this
Everyone say it with me: Fuck the Army!

Would someone explain to me how they expect to retain soldiers when they hand out shit on a stick and want you to eat it for dinner?

Hubby's come down on orders. Our IPCOT is lost in the ether somewhere. And the orders are for the one place in the Army world we would not want to go. We just sold our house there for god's sake! Hubby's off to enlist the Sergeant Major's help.


Blogger airforcewife said...

It's not just the army, it's the military.

And how they expect to retain people that way is a very good question. Especially very GOOD people.

Good luck.

Blogger Household6 said...

Crapola! My friend's award went AWOL and he missed points for E6 by ONE friggin' point this month. The award just showed up this week. I feel ya, it can be a pain some days.

Blogger Rhianna said...

Daym! The military crap gods strike again! (You must need to offer them some human sacrifice.) ;)

I hear ya on the retention level. I honestly think some folks in the MPF (or the Army version of the "Militar Personel Flight") need to be forecbly removed from their 'jobs'. If so, I think retention would skyrocket.

But, it comes and goes. Some days is good, some days is bad. Sadly right now, ya'll got the bad.

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