30 April 2006
Yeah, I'm still out there somewhere.
I am currently typing on one of the fanciest laptops I've ever had the privilidge to place my fingers on. It's got a 17 inch monitor and some nVidia gaming video card and a whole bunch of other stuff I'm not even sure I understand. All I know is that my little 12 inch, three pound laptop seems teeny-tiny by comparison. It's Hubby's birthday/welcome home from Afghanistan present. He's been drooling over (and obsessively researching) these heavy-duty gaming laptops for about six months now and when we happened to find one in Best Buy today for about a grand less than he'd been looking at we had to pick it up. This damn thing even has a tv tuner in it! And he can record too! I have a feeling he's gonna be filling up the 200 gig hard drive pretty quickly.

Vegas was awesome. More details to follow later.


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