26 May 2006
When you take a month off from blogging (or anything, I suppose) it's really hard to get back in the habit. That being said, please join me in my semi-regular freak out:

Holy fuck!

I searched for almost two years for the perfect engagement/wedding set. When Hubby and I were first married, in the way of the junior enlisted we were practically broke. (Oh yeah, that's brilliant. We're broke, let's get married and have a kid in short order! Thank God it all worked out.) My engagement band was $199 and my wedding ring was about 20,000 Korean won if I remember right. So a couple years ago, when things started going well for us, I started shopping rings. It took me about six months to really figure out what I wanted. Color and clarity over size, the exact type of side stones and metal. It took twice that long to find exactly what I wanted at a price we could afford. Finally I found my perfect ring, on Amazon.com of all places. It has a half carat, emerald cut center stone (color F, clarity IF) and another half carat of princess cut diamonds in a channel setting. My dream ring. We ordered it and I took possession when we were on leave. I've been wearing it since and I love it.

Here's the oh crap: this morning, after my shower I happened to look down at my hand. The skin in the webbing of my fingers, next to the ring was flaking. Like I had gotten a sunburn there or something!! Totally icky! This has happened once before, with my class ring and my skin eventually got raw and painful and I had to stop wearing that ring pretty much. I don't get it. I've been wearing my cheap set for almost six years! Why in God's name would this happen to me now???


Blogger airforcewife said...

I have the same problem with any rings I wear.

I have found that if I limit my ring wearing to only when I go out and NOT when I'll be doing anything that would cause "yuckies" to get stuck in the ring, it really helps.

But it does stink. I'd still prefer to wear it all the time.
Maybe some women are just so hot that they make their jewelry radioactive????

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