02 June 2006
Two in one week? Make that three
I don't consider myself the most stylish person on earth, not by a long shot. I'm not even the most stylish person walking around this Post. My sartorial choices tend more towards jeans and a t-shirt than anything else. When I ditched the sneakers and started wearing a pair of brown leather Sketchers on a daily basis I considered it an upgrade. When I do wear sneakers, they're almost always Adidas All Stars. I've been buying them in various colors for the last 8 years. I've looked a bit more raggedy than normal lately, even, due to my weigh gain and the fact that none of my cute clothes fit me. So for the most part I can respect people who put a little more effort into their look.

But jesus Christ people, just because the sun is out is no reason to loose all sense and reason! Take a fucking look at yourself before you walk out the goddam door! The most recent offense was the woman at Burger King the other day. She'd ruined a perfectly cute outfit by wearing black leggings under a denim skirt. She was two inches shorter than me (read that as pretty fucking short). Her legs weren't that long to begin with, why make them appear even stumpier with black leggings that cut off the line of your leg two inches above your ankle? I know Sienna Miller does it but for christ's sake she's tall and skinny and it doesn't even look that hot on her!

The other was a woman I saw walking down the street. Cute green peasant style blouse, little black shorts, all good. Knee-high semi-Ugg looking black boots with fucking black tassles coming off the top! Black tassles. At lunch time. I'm sorry, are you working an early shift at the strip club?

It makes my eyes hurt.


Blogger suburban mom said...


I love black leggings under a jean skirt.

If you're 17 of course.

Seriously, too cute.


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