02 June 2006
Classic car, classic California
As I drove over to the Computer Help Desk today (where they couldn't help me because it was a local worker holiday) I spotted a beauty. It was a 64 1/2 Mustang in drool worthy condition. With a for sale sign in its window! Cream colored, V8, newly rebuilt engine. . . . Yum. If we hadn't recently bought the Jeep, I might be trying to talk Hubby into it right now.

I had a serious flash back to high school as I stood there staring at that car. Mustangs were huge at my school. Southern California is a good area for classic cars too, something about how we don't have to put salt down on our roads is good for them. Four or five kids I went to school with had Mustangs somewhere in the 60s, plus there was one early 80's. The inside picture of my yearbook even featured them one year, since our mascot was a Mustang. Plus the one I saw today had a water polo sticker on the back window (huge at my school. Our Varsity boy's team had a winning record 10 times better than our foot ball team) and it was even a gorgeous California-type day. Clear and sunny, with just a bit of a breeze. All in all, it combined to make me a little homesick. Too bad the only way I'll ever move to CA is if I win the lottery.


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