05 June 2006
Chocolate penis on a stick, anyone?
I'm going to a Bachelorette party Thursday night. Woohoo! I've never been to one before, so I'm kinda stoked. Unfortunately, I have to work on Friday plus I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to drive, so no drinking for me. I can, however, do my damndest to get the Bride totally blitzed. Should be good fun. I wonder if they do jello-shooters around here. I don't even know where we're going, we have a central meet up spot and we're going on from there.

Of course, since I've never been to one before, I'm left with a question. Do I bring a gift or is that just for showers (which she isn't having)? Is it supposed to be kinda naughty? I'm not in the wedding party, just invited. Oh, and it's a remarriage kinda thing, they did the whole justice of the peace action before.

I was listening to a comedy CD of Hubby's called You Can't Fix Stupid or something like that, and he had this bit about how he was doing a show and a bachelorette party stole his spotlight by playing with a candy dick on a stick. That's not the norm though, right? Jesus, are these things even the same in this country?

Oh fuck it, I'm just gonna show up and aim to have a good time.


Blogger Manic Witch said...

I've heard that phrase before, but I can't remember who does it. If you find the name, can you let me know? I remember it was supposed to be pretty funny.

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