28 June 2006
nope, not knocked up
My office is moving. I'd say "we're moving" but we're not actually the ones packing the boxes, moving the desks etc. It's nice to have contractors. Anyways, that's why there's been a distinct lack of posting, plus I need to hurry up. There's only one or two cubicles left to be moved until they begin to slide my desk right out from under my keyboard. Somehow, somewhere, I managed to acquire some work that needs doing, to boot.

As for whizzing on the stick: big, fat, negative. Turns out, I was actually just sick. As in caught a bug sick, not alien growing in me sick. I even managed to give the virus to Hubby -- he had a hangover and the flu in one day. Oops!

But all that in itself raises another question for me. Why the hell aren't I pregnant yet? I know, we've really only been going at it for a little over two months, which is nothing for some couples. But not for us! With the first two kids, we even thought about getting pregnant and whoops, there we were. Ya know how the docs tell you if you've been on depo for a certain amount of time you will have trouble getting knocked up? When the older boy was a year and a half, I didn't get my shot. "It'll take us up to a year to get preggers," we said "then there will be almost three years between them." Um, no. I was knocked up three weeks later.

Must not flip out. Almost three months is nothing. And I know, watched pot never boils, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. I'm neurotic.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

All that sick for nothing? Yeah, that doesn't sound fair.

I strongly suggest Run & Cokes and a slinky black number with a feather boa...worked for us.

Blogger Army Wife said...


well have fun and keep trying.

Blogger airforcewife said...

I second armywife.

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