20 June 2006
It was a busy week
The Book-In-A-Week project went well. I didn't make it to an entire book but I managed to spit out over 11k words. Yeah, I know, wordy little bitch, aren't I? I'm not entirely sure it makes a lot of sense or is even my best work but my writing group buddies kept reassuring me this was a quantity over quality mission. I haven't even had the guts to go back and read it yet, not only because of the myriad grammatical errors I'm sure are peppering it. It's a flat out more extreme subject matter than I've ever tried before.

Whenever I wasn't writing or at work (or maybe both at the same time, don't tell my boss) we did a lot last week. Hubby's developed an even stronger distaste for sitting in the house, doing nothing. He's always been sort of restless, but it seems to have gotten even more intense. That's cool with me, though. I'd like to get out and see more. So now I have to start planning some day trips, or we'll end up in the Jeep, wandering aimlessly, which isn't really my style.


Blogger airforcewife said...

After too many shopping trips to Tar-zhay, I had to plan ahead for less expense ridden day trips, too. :)

Blogger Rhianna said...

Dude! Those are the best kind of trips! Traveling down the 'back roads' to little villages you have problems finding on a map. ;)

Blogger Katy said...

I am with Rhianna. Clint and I love to get "lost". Of course that is here in the states.

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