12 June 2006
My baby spoils me
I have a new toy!

Gawd, get your minds out of the gutter already. It may run off a battery, but it doesn't buzz, okay?

Hubby bought me a new Video iPod Saturday. We went to the PX to get the boys a new tv (theirs is five years old and doesn't have the right kind of plugs or something) but they were actually out of everything but the ginormous honking big tvs. However, they did have a table display of piles of various iPods. They had everything but the black 30 gig, so Hubby bought me a white one. "I shouldn't let you do this. Nothing's wrong with mine," I said, in my token protest. To be honest, I didn't protest that hard. 'Cause I wanted it. I lusted after it. I was in danger of having to buy the whole stack of 'em 'cause I was drooling all over 'em.

So I spent pretty much all Sunday playing with it, prepping it, and signing up for video podcasts. Yaay! I would have done it Saturday, but we went out with another couple, to a fabulous little vineyard. (We sat out in this huge patio/arbor thing and drank delicious wine while we laughed like loons and ate Asiago cheese and prosciutto crudo.)

The down side? I'm supposed to be participating in this Book in a Week project for one of my Yahoo groups and I don't want to write a damned word. Instead I want to listen to the new Tool CD on my fabulous new iPod (it's half the frigging size of my old one!) and proselytize about the iPod nation.


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How fun! I love new toys :)

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