09 June 2006
My bachelorette-party-cherry has been popped
The Bachelorette party was last night. I have a headache now, but probably not for the reason you think. I only had one drink, a sorbetto (a very yummy Italian drink. Frothy and lemony) but I didn't get near enough sleep. All in all it was a fun time. There were six of us. We went one place for appetizers and apertifs, one place for dinner and another for a drink afterwards. Loud, crude jokes were told by all.

You know my wonderings about chocolate dicks and so forth? They were gummy. And play-doh. And puff painted on a t-shirt for the Bride. A salami cut up and laid out like a penis for our appetizers, too. Drawn on balloons that got away from the drunk Bride at the restaurant and were picked up and handed back by a mother and her two children. (Oops.) Penises (peni?) everywhere, I tell you!


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