23 June 2006
I'll take a girl for 500, Alex
(Any guys that read this site, beware. Not that I think there's many of 'em.)

I'm bloated, gassy, ass-dragging tired and cranky. I'm either pregnant or about six hours away from starting my period. This sucks donkey dick. I'm leaning towards probably being pregnant, since I'm also smell sensitive. My boss made coffee this morning, that sweet smelling fancy coffee and when I walked in the office I almost gagged. I could smell it everywhere I went. Plus as I was driving home yesterday, they'd painted new white lines near my house. I could smell the paint fumes, as I drove along at 40mph or so. My Bath & Body Works warm vanilla sugar body cream smells disgusting. Definitely smell-sensitive.

Is it totally rude to pee on a stick in my office bathroom?

What in the name of god was I thinking, agreeing to have another kid? It's guilt and the hope of finally having a girl, I think. If this one turns out a boy, does anyone have a little girl under the age of one or two they'd like to trade?

My upstairs neighbor is preggers, too. I'm the first and only non-family member she's told. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or disturbed by that. She's the one who already has four boys, btw. I swear to god I'm not turning into her. If this new one's not a girl, I don't care. No more kids. Hubby's getting snipped, we're shutting the factory down.

Maybe, if I end up with three boys after all, one will be gay and a crossdresser. I could live with that, just so long as I have someone who's into girl stuff. Though I'm sure Hubby would blame me and my genetics for the rest of our lives.


Blogger Household6 said...

Hmmm not sure if I should say congrats or hang in there? Either way the best of luck to you both on having a little girl.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Bwahahaha. No need to make 'em gay just effimate. ;)

Now, you can't have the not-quite-three year-old but I can trade you an 8 year-old (already crushing on boys) or the 5 year-old (tomboy).

Blogger Katy said...

Girls are the bomb. They are not nearly as distructive, they have way longer attention spans and well, you get to pick out really really cute clothes.

Blogger airforcewife said...

We had three girls, then a boy. We thought we wanted six until the boy happened. Then we decided it was time to stop.

Definately different stuff.

Maybe you should have turned your husband upside down and shaken him a little to get the X swimmers to the top???

:) Congrats. And a little tip from all my home-deliveries... Vitamin B complex, wonderful stuff. You can take as much as you want (it secretes in pee) and it effectively knocks down barfiness and smell sensitivity.

LOVE the stuff.

You are braver than me, I stopped at 1. Congratulation, or hang in there, which ever you feel you need.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

I'm not willing to trade, but you can HAVE both my girls.

I'm willing to sacrifice for your desire for a girl.

(rough day here...sorry...but I can FedEx them if you need)

Keep us posted on the stick whizzing results!

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