05 July 2006
Dante's Inferno, only a few days late
My first thought on finishing Dante's Inferno was that I've gotten stupider in my old age. Then, with relief, I remembered it hadn't been any easier when I tried to read it ten years ago. This time, I made it through. Did it make any more sense to me? Not sure. I have to read each canto out loud to myself and then I still have a tendency to send myself into a trance-like mode. This was usually done in the bathroom, since otherwise I'd have the kids all up in my face and I'd find myself trying to explain that I'm not really talking to anyone, just myself. A five year old doesn't particularly get that. It's really pretty language, that I can tell you.

I do find it interesting that the traitors were at the deepest level of hell. Really, Dante thought they were the worst? More deserving of punishment than people who say, killed little kids and kicked dogs? Seriously? I didn't get that one when I was first told about it, and I still don't get that now. There's so many more people I'd like to see booted about by a multi-faced Satan. But maybe that's just me.


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