27 July 2006
a nice night
Last night, I had pizza with spinach and portebello mushrooms. No one questioned where the meat was. I spent a ton of time cruising websites and playing Cubis. No one tried to entice me to watch crappy AFN t.v and no one made fun of the sites I was visiting. I talked on the phone to a friend for an hour. No one was piping in with their own comments or asking where the remote was. I took a shower and didn't have to squeeeeze past anyone to reach my soap.

As I laid in bed, watching the BBC's Pride and Prejudice for the 1,243rd time, I had a thought. Sometimes there's an upside to this whole husbands going away for military training thing.


Blogger Christine said...

Think he'll take John with him?

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Assuming the Army ignores the bipolar thing, he wouldn't last long in my husband's unit. Not unless he likes being forcibly showered.

Blogger julie anna said...

I have you beat. I've watched Pride and Prejudice 1,244 times!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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