12 July 2006
Design Options
Okay, based on comments from multiple sources, the design isn't hitting the chord I was aiming for. I'd been looking for a free template yesterday and it seemed like all the women I saw on them were half naked. Nothing wrong with that, women are flat out pretty. But I started wondering where all the half-naked men were. And then I decided I'd like a half-naked man template.

This is the first photo I found and the one I ended up using. The one that apparently seems a little feminine. Would that be fixed if I put his hand back in the header?

Or there's this one. It was a very close second choice for me. Very very close. Yum. Heehee.


Blogger Rhianna said...

The first one's feminine? Okay, maybe it's a lack of seeing a naked male body lately, but I knew what that was (and why you chose it) as soon as I saw it. I personally think the hand being in the photo takes away from the central composition area you have going without it.

I do agree with choice number two. YUM! :D

Blogger Household6 said...

I'd take either and didn't think the first one was girly either.


Blogger Manic Witch said...

I loves me some nekkid man-chest. :)

Blogger Lazarus Long said...

I can appreciate the male form in an artistic way. But I'd much prefer to see the curves of a woman, all things being equal!

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