10 July 2006
Fuck 'em all (Wherein I manage to make even the World Cup all about the neighbors)
Have I mentioned lately that I hate 'em?

So last night Italy won the World Cup vs. France. (Yaay, go Italia, happy-happy, all that crap.) Hubby and I were sitting in the living room when the older child came out, asking what all the noise was. Eh? We turned down the tv, opened the front door and went "Oh, Italy must have won." Sure enough ESPN.com said so too. There were fireworks going off and both American and Italian neighbors on each side were screaming their fool heads off. Good for them, glad they're happy.

It all died down about 20 minutes later. Except. . . There's always an except, isn't there?

Neighbor bitch and her upstairs neighbor (the hypocritical one) were standing out on a balcony. As a car drove by, they would scream their fucking vocal cords hoarse and then the car would honk in response. They were still doing it at midnight, when I finally fell asleep with my head buried in a pillow gritting my teeth because I really, really, really wanted to go out on my balcony to tell them to shut the fuck up! To stop being such cunts and remember some people had more important things to do with their time than drink their asses off and scream over some sport that I know damn good and well they couldn't give two shits about, except as an excuse to look like an ass. Again.

But I didn't, because I'm a pussy in real life. That plus the whole not wanting to enter into all out war again. 'Cause that was kinda uncomfortable in terms of daily life.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Girl, I am the SAME DAMN way. I will complain and whine but I hate confrontation, especially when you don't know if the other party is a loose-cannon. Sorry you got crappy sleep and hope your neighbors eat raw chicken for dinner tonight.

Blogger Rhianna said...

Wow! You don't strike me as the 'quiet' type. :)

I'm just as loud and obnoxious in person - unless you're my family. Then I try to tone it down ... a little atleast.

All was quiet here last night, but I sleep like the frikin' dead. I didn't go to bed 'til almost 3, but no real noise from my end. Sorry ya'll had a bad night. WC is only every 4 years, if it counts.

Blogger Christie said...

I"m glad Italy won too- but not at the expense of my neighbors :)
Ugh- I know what you mean though we have the loudest neighbors and I too am a big baby and don't say anything.

Blogger Angel said...

If you live on post why not just call the MP's? Quiet hour is from 2100 to 0500....heck even if you don't live on post call the police...

Sorry, i don't have the time for stuff like that...i ask nicely once the next time i call the mp's...and yes, I AM THE BITCH of the neighborhood. I don't put up with dumbass bullshit....I don't wanna hear your stero as much as you think i really do...i don't wanna hear your damn dog barking..put a freakin muzzle on the stupid thing...i don't want to hear you yelling at your spouse because he didn't put close the shower curtain after he got out or didn't put the top on the toothpaste...hey at least he brushes his teeth and taking a shower..(not saying mine doesn't..he's more hygenic than i am and i'm just anal about it), i don't want to see you speeding down the street...after all kids DO play outside...and last if u already have 4 broke down cars in your driveway and in front of your house and have another one towed so you can fix it...stop!!! We don't want to see that crap and it's against regs anyway!!!!!!

okay sorry done with my rant for the day!

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