06 July 2006
Confession time
Everyone come in close, now. Closer, I don't want to have to yell this. Lean in. Ssshhh, in the back.

I am a bad wife.

It's true! Ya know how I know for sure? I had no idea this Friday would be Hubby and my anniversary. No fucking clue, 'til he told me last night. Actually, he said it would be today, Thursday, but hell at least the man had the right week! To make it worse, I laughed like a loon when I realized I'd forgotten. To quote myself: "I can't believe I forgot! Of course, if anyone had asked me when our anniversary is, I would have just said 'seven-seven-oh-seven!'" Which caused me to go into hysterics again because that is not our anniversary. It's really 7-7-00. I'm a fucking lunatic.

(And I was just distracted for forty minutes looking up the word origins of "lunatic". Which led to other word origins. I'm such a geek. And an even worse wife! Shit, I just realized that! I can't even concentrate on my crappy-wife post long enough to finish it!)

Of course, I should have just assumed it was our anniversary, since the Army has sent him on TDY for two days, today and tomorrow, with a probable return Saturday morning.

Now what to get as an anniversary present to make up for this when I have two days, can't shop on the economy or internet right now (long story) and the man buys himself anything he wants?


Blogger Rhianna said...

Um, by yourself something he'd like to "see" you in :winkwink: and give him that as a belated present? ;)

Blogger julie anna said...

Don't feel to bad. It took me years to remember the actual date of our anniversary. I agree with Rhianna- get something that makes you feel sexy and just go at it!

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