16 July 2006
Crazy neighbor checkup and breakfast food
Crazy Lady's broken item count for Saturday: One bathroom window.

My count for this morning (and it's only 1pm): One Corningware casserole lid and one drinking glass.

This isn't good.


Growing up, I was only allowed "healthy" cereals. Corn flakes, Cheerios, etc. I was allowed to put sugar on them, though and I used to pour so much on the milk at the end was kind of syrupy. Eventually my mom caught on to that and started to allow me Frosted Flakes. Whoopie. As a result, I'm a lot more lax about what I let my kids have, but I still have some rules. No marshmallows, no chocolate. Nothing that looks like cookies or cake.

But now iTunes is running this free song with purchase of certain cereals. And I bought my kids Cookie Crisp, just so I could get the song.

I'm not going to hell for this, right? It's kind of like a coupon, right? A 99 cent coupon. That's it. I'm not sacrificing my breakfast food morals for free songs, right? Right?

UPDATE: NannyUC's sister is here to take her home and get her some help. I'm quite relieved. Mr. UC had done some calling around and she couldn't be taken to the local hospital without getting her deported and blacklisted from ever entering this country again. Not to mention, the time she'd spend tied up in the system would have been time she wasnt getting help. But the sister is home. (Though apparently she can't even understand what NannyUC is saying, so our theory that she was speaking her native language is out the window.) NannyUC can get to a doctor. And hopefully never come back here again.


Blogger Household6 said...

Wow glad she will be getting the help she needs.

No you aren't going to hell for Cookie Crisp. My family's rule was all good cereals with one box of the sweet stuff per shopping visit. So you can borrow that rule from my family if you like.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Wow, with my dad I was allowed any damn cereal I wanted and my mom wouldn't allow cereal at all. Yeah, polar opposites I know.

Now, really, are you whorin' out your family for an iTune song? Meh, I think they kids like the cereal more than worrying about you gettin' the iTunes stuff (but don't make it too obvious, they may start bringin' you more 'free' iTunes stuff if they catch on). Oh, and I speak from experiance, Cookie Crisp sucks BDD.

Nanny UC, wow, just wow. Glad her sister came to get her and make sure she got help. Doesn't suprise me the Italians are such buttheads about helping 'someone else' - they're like that throughout Europe. Hope she gets help, if not well, soon.

Blogger Katy said...

My Mom was the same way and I too find myself torturing my kids. I let them have the "cool" cereals for special snacks. I am sooooo mean.

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