13 July 2006
All aboard the crazy train!
The neighbor's nanny has gone off her rocker, flipped her pancakes, what ever you want to call it. She's gone nuts. Full blown psychotic episode. Hallucinations, paranoia, formal thought disorder (problems with speech). She kept my kids and my nanny at their house, not letting them go from 11 am until I got home after work. When I got home and the kids weren't there, I went over to UC's house to see what was going on. I found them in the bathroom, every fucking light in the house off and every shutter closed, because she was forcing them to stay in there, saying it was the only "safe" room. I sent the kids (all the kids, even UC's) over to my house with my nanny and stayed with NannyUC until they got out of the house. But then that bitch wouldn't let me go either!

Every time I tried to disengage, she got more hysterical and started going on about the Polizi from Germany who were spying on her and how the Carabinieries were tapping our phones and disturbing our internet. Oh, and don't forget the bacteria in the walls! She was incredibly irrational. Mr. UC didn't quite believe me and I could tell he was kind of humoring me when I called him and told him I took his kids to my place. He really thanked me later though, when he saw NannyUC and talked to her. Girlfriend was all sorts of irrational. I don't think she'd slept in days, she told me she "could hear them trying to get in." Oh yeah, that's fucking healthy. If it were my nanny, I'd have had her at San Bortolo Hospital, doped until she drooled. But instead, Mr. UC will be putting her on a bus home to Lithuania tonight.

I told my Nanny that I did not want her in my house today and that the kids are not to go over there either. I also told her not to believe anything NannyUC said (such as telling my Nanny that she would now be sent home as well, etc).

I had experience with a situation like this ten years ago. I had honestly hoped, with my classicly middle class American life (not counting the living in europe part) I wouldn't have experiences like this again.

Thank God the kids are so young, this didn't likely make an impact on them. I told them she was very very tired and reminded them how they can get kind of "silly" when they're tired too.


Blogger airforcewife said...

Oh my Lord! You handled it much better than I - I don't know I would have been able to keep it calm.

Blogger Rhianna said...

Holy nutsoshit Batman! You sound like I would like to deal with it, but I'd probably be in a panic and make it worse all around. I do agree with the drugs and hospital though. Shipping her 'home' won't make the problem better.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

WTF? Am I missing something here?

That's just bizarre...

Blogger Household6 said...

Wow, I think I would have dumped her off at the hospital too. That's a scary thought, the whole situation.


Blogger Army Wife said...

Yeah, I would call the equivalent of Adult Protective Srevices, she sounds like she has SERIOUS pyschiatric problems. VERY SERIOUS

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