14 July 2006
And now the train has left the station
I ran into Mr. UC at the PX this afternoon. (UC stands for Uber-Cunt, remember, but I feel almost guilty using that nick name at a time like this.) Getting NannyUC on the bus last night didn't work. Apparently the bus driver said "No way, that crazy bitch ain't getting on here!" or whatever the Lithuanian equivilant is. Her family is coming down to get her, but unfortunately can't be here until Sunday. I just hope Mr. UC can hold the lid on everything long enough. Her latest trick is walking around topless, including the yard. That'd be just perfect, if the police got called. Oh and apparently she's having a hard time recognising what language she's talking in, english or her native one.

I talked to our family psychiatrist. (The psychiatrist IN our family, I should say. We do not have one who's whole practice is devoted to us. Though maybe we should.) He said based on my description she should be in a locked facility, getting a full work up. I agreed, said that wasn't going to happen and asked what should be done. Full monitoring and follow your instincts, pretty much. Well sorry, but that ain't gonna be me with a nutzo 24/7. Looks like Mr. UC won't be getting much sleep.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Holy wow.

Maybe I should pretent I'm off my rocker so I can walk around topless. I mean it is pretty muggy and hot here this week...

Blogger airforcewife said...

I second that wow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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