24 July 2006
Even I'm tired of hearing about my neighbors
The youngest of the UberCunt clan had a birthday party this past weekend. I went, because how do you explain to a five year old that he doesn't get to go to a party because his mommy thinks their mommy's a cunt? I fully expected to end up in the corner, nursing a beer and talking to The Upstairs Cow and only her, as I got dirty looks from everyone else. (I really must stop nick naming people when I'm pissed at them. Later it turns out they're actually decent people, if perhaps trashy and issue laden and then I'm still calling them a Cow.)

Surprisingly, that's not what happened. It seems my rescue of the UC children from the Crazy Nanny was enough for them to like me again. Gee. I'm so excited. Really. It makes me all happy and giddy. Everyone was just chatting me up like we'd been best friends forever, and wasn't it peachy that we all get along? Interestingly, the only one to shoot me nasty looks was Mr. Neighbor Bitch. I guess he hadn't liked the email telling him to put his wife on a leash before my husband went to his command. I'm sure their mouths started running when I left, though. It's in their nature.

After Island Woman got drunk (an hour into a 5 year old's b-day party. Tacky) I did hear something interesting. Apparently when I gave her the first warning about NannyUC having gone off her rocker she was "surprised I talked to her." Bwahahaha! Yep, that's me. I'm very open and willing to give the benefit of the doubt when I first meet people. (My husband says I'm naive, actually, which is funny since I grew up in a way more urban area than he did.) But once you piss me off the bitch comes out. I used to have very little problem cutting people out of my life entirely. And only my children are making that more difficult now.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Okay, so change her name to Upstairs Clara Cow, then it's not so bad as Clara Cow is a nice cow in the "Magic Roundabout".

Drunk at a 5 year-old's party. That's pretty trashy, screw tacky.

Oh your bestest friends again? Or, well they're actin' like it? I'll trade. Our neighbors are so bad hubby actually wants to move ONTO the economy - we've NEVER lived on the economy overseas. That man finally got to see the duplicious 'nature' of the moocow next door AND it was directed at him! God I hate livin' near other people.

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