17 July 2006
One of those days
I woke up late. I'm pretty sure I would have overslept entirely if Hubby hadn't come home to change into civilian clothes (to go pick up his soldier. From prison!) As it was, I barely made it to work on time and let's just say I'm thankful I shower at night, m'kay?

I have been trapped in the middle of the war between my Boss and the guy who is ostensibly her second in command. Holy Jesus, talk about uncomfortable!

I split the back of my pants. Yep, that's right, my fat ass apparently really didn't need that Whopper Jr. for lunch. When shopping for something to cover said fat ass, I went through the whole crappy "too big for regular women's, too small for plus sized" rigamarole. Shitty ass PX.

(This is a point at which I might share too much. In which case, let me introduce you to the little red X at the top right of your screen. I don't fucking care right now.) After having found a pair of pants which would do, I bought them and changed in a bathroom. And 10 minutes later proceed to bleed through my tampon and through my undies onto the new pants. Son of a mother fucking bitch. Since I'd only put it in two hours ealier and they don't make "so you're bleeding to death from your uterus" sized tampons, I'm highly fucking pissed.

I forgot to mention that my sunglasses fell from my head in the bathroom when I was changing. And broke.

Then I was patronized at the Post Office. At which point, after the day I've had, I was pretty much starting to loose my cool. Which is saying something, because I'm pretty good at the whole acting rational thing. If I don't think I can confront someone without cussing them out or yelling, I don't do it or at the very least leave it 'til another day. I explained my problem to the manager and she said, in a bored and put-upon tone "Your mommy sent you a package and it --." I cut her off and said (in a tone which seemed to be rising quickly) "Bank. My bank sent me our check cards. A month ago!" I know a couple people turned to look at me, but Jesus-fucking-Christ people, how the hell does she confuse "bank" with "mommy"? Honestly? The good news is that at that point, she started to take me a bit more seriously. The bad news is that she had no idea why it might take a month for our check cards to get here and recommended calling to cancel them and having new ones sent. Or waiting to the end of the week and then calling. Cause she doesn't give a shit and those two are apparently totally interchangeable to her. She asked me three fucking times if I was sure they'd sent it to the right address. Because, you know, they've never made a mistake in the history of that fucking post office. Oh yeah, other than somehow fucking loosing a package I sent to Hubby when he was deployed. And all sorts of other shit.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Man, sounds like Aviano's PO. Wanna I should come smack some sense into 'em? I got the idiot from our Claims department reassigned to other duties in the PO (with a lower ranking airman taking his job).

As for a bad day, them things is contagious. I got a ticket, it must just be a Monday for all of Italy.

I got you on the new pants/undies/gross stuff. That shit just really pisses me off. I'd prefer a 'bleeding like a stuck pig' size but eh, it's AAFES and Deca and when's the last time they were known to order stuff you wanted or needed from the states? ;)

Hang in there, tomorrow is another day - read that in your most melodramatic Scarlett voice.

Anonymous Stephani said...

See, girl, that's why I carry a razor in my mouth.. the second someone starts being patronizing to me, I position it carefully between my teeth, lean in like I've got something important to say, and drag it across their chin! (j/k)

...but don't you wish sometimes that what you see in your head could actually be acted out on the big big screen? Hang in there honey!

Sorry u had an awful day!

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