02 August 2006
Helmets to Hardhats
Courtesty of being on the MilBlogs ring, I've had quite a few people emailing me with buttons and links and things they want me to push. It's not my stellar writing skills, nor my amazingly pedestrian site counts, it's only because this is kind of a milblog. Sort of. (Only in the manner that my life seems to occur at the whim of the Army sometimes.) For the most part, I ignore them.

Just like I ignored Helmets to Hardhats a little while back. Now I'm sorry I did. They're giving a good buddy of ours a job. He's getting out very soon, after 11 years in the Army and he's been looking for a job for a while. Unfortunately, his MOS doesn't translate to the real world very well, so he was having a bit of a problem. He's picking up a new wife towards the end of the year too, so he'd been starting to sweat. And now he's all hooked up with a paid apprentice program. Benefits too. How fucking cool is that?


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