04 December 2007
I still hate titles
(It's nice to note that since my return-we're-not-talking-about Blogger has somehow learned I actually mean it when I click "remember me")

An hour and a half of edits today. I finally got smart! Did a find command for my most often inserted digits. I so smart. I have realized I have some chronology problems. Gonna have to look at that tomorrow.

Plus I did a couple pages (handwritten) of a quickie story. It's one where they get right down to the sexxoring right away. Much fun to write. Mildly awkward when you're doing so in a notebook in the smoking area of your office building, on your break. I wonder if anyone else runs into that.

My critique group was chatting this weekend and the topic of mothers reading our sex scenes came up. I honestly said I don't have a problem with it. Just doesn't bother me to think of.

Writing a sex scene in a public place where someone could possibly be looking over my shoulder? Now that's embarassing.


Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

Yeah, we all think about it! Both my brothers bought my book and that was the first thing I thought of - OMG, the're going to read the sex I wrote! ICK! Better to just not think about it!

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