24 March 2007
Curious George Update
So there I am in Walmart, about a week and a half ago. On an off chance, I decided to see if they'd gotten in any of the George bubble blowers. Low and behold -- there were two! Naturally, being a bitch and also being determined to take advantages of the laws of supply and demand (I took AP Economics after all), I grabbed both of them. Then I immediately ran home and threw the thing up on Ebay, on the shortest auction I qualify for, which is three days.

That night, when the boys were getting in the bath, I broke open the new toy. . . And the verdict?

Curious George Tub Time bubble blower sucks. Bites. Whatever descriptive you'd like to use to convey crappiness. He'd blow like two itty bitty bubbles at a time and his tummy was a little too firm for my four year old to squeeze. The six year old could do it, but that just upset the younger one more. And his arms and legs fall off! I know he's meant to come apart fairly easily so the water doesn't mildew him but it was ridiculous. You couldn't move his arms even an inch without one falling off. I'm not some sucker for commercials - I didn't expect that never ending stream of bubbles -- but the thing really should have puffed out more than two at a time. The boys used to have some bubble guns from the Dollar Tree that worked really well. I'd expect a toy that retails for $16.77 at Walmart to do at least half as well.

The good news? My George on eBay eventually sold for about 38 bucks, plus 10 for shipping. So I essentially got the one for the boys for free. Thank god, or I'd be pretty annoyed about the situation.

(And yes, I waited until my eBay buyer had received their package and left me good feedback before I put up this post. Is that horrible of me?)


Blogger Rhianna said...

Supply and Demand eh? What is this, AAFES? Especially with sub-standard merchandise?

No, you're not horrible. But remind me never to buy anything from you on eBay, okay? ;)

Blogger Ann(ie) said...

new home business!

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Believe me Annie, if the Walmart near me gets in any more Curious Georges, I'll be sucking them up and tossing them up on eBay. In a heartbeat.

Blogger Household6 said...

Oh to being a capitalist! You go you!

Blogger Ann(ie) said...

I'm trying like mad to buy an Ibook on Ebay. I have always wanted a cute little girlie Apple notebook, but getting one sent to mexico will be a pita.

Anonymous Meg said...

This toy sucks. It leaks all over the place, blows few to no bubbles, and has to be completely taken apart in order to dry after being used in the tub-what a pain in the ass. But my son really, really wanted this for his 4th birthday. He mentioned nothing else, not a thing, for weeks on end. So I sucked it up and bought one on e-bay for way too much money.

Is it annoying? Hey, I completely understand the concept of supply and demand. And as much as this toy sucks, bottom line is it was all about the look on his face when he discovered that yes, in that wrapping paper was Tub Time Curious George, something he'd desperately coveted for weeks. So I can't really say it wasn't worth it.

Anonymous Cathleen said...

You have kids and you would do that to other mothers who have kids and want to get them a toy... yeh...i think it is pretty shitty of you. Here I am running all over town trying to find one for my kid and I can't b/c people like you are trying to make a profit off of them on ebay. Bitch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on that toy. My daughter will be 4 on the 20th April & I was going to get her one. I found this while searching online.I think I will pass on this one & get her something else.

Blogger Katy said...

I wanted to get that for the kids and I am glad you let me know. As far as the ebay sale, supply and demand baby. That other grouchy bitch is just jealous she did not think of it first.

Blogger Rose said...

Happy Military Spouses Day!!!

I miss reading your blogs I hope all is well with u and your family!!

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