12 March 2007
So this is what the inside of a trend feels like

My kid wants this guy for his birthday. It's kinda cute, whenever he sees the commercials he jumps around and chants "birfday, birfday, birfday." Normally he's interested, but not to the level of this toy. It's the Curious George Bubble Time doll and apparently my kid isn't the only one who wants it. Not by far.

The hubby was headed out to Walmart and I told him to look for George, but that he didn't have to buy it. I'd just looked at Amazon and ToysRUs.com and was about to surf over to Ebay. Price comparing, ya know. I clicked over to Ebay, looked and my jaw dropped. I ran out the door and told the husband that if he saw it, he was to buy it. Immediately. I was tempted to tell him to buy all they had.
George's retail price: $19.99. George's eBay price: about 50 bucks.
Oh holy crap.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Okay, this is what you get with my humor... And the fact hubby is still gone... Yeah, yeah, I'll blame it on that.

Anyhoo, that monkey lookes like he just found some green gold and wants to show it off. ;)

You're welcome for that lovely mental picture. Don't ya miss me?!?

Blogger Ann(ie) said...

Wow, I haven't heard of such price gouging since the Tickle Me Elmo riots.

Anonymous Kat said...

My mother is currently searching for this toy, she saw it at walmart and didn't pick it up cause she thought she could find it later...uh yeah it has been 2 weeks now and she can't find it anywhere. She has a request at Toyrus.com to notify her when it comes available.

Blogger Household6 said...

And I get to look forward to finding goofy toys for my boy don't I?

At least they aren't taking a bat to each other like they did over the cabbage patch dolls!

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