20 October 2006
the next 15 years of my life
I just got lectured by a kindergartener on how to write an E the right way, so that it doesn't look like a 3. Yeah, that's what I needed.

Ya know, I thought the "Mom is dumber than dirt" stuff didn't start until they became teens.


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Juliette - four next week - tells me how to drive. Because of omnipresent medians in this town, sometimes we have to overshoot a destination on the left, make a U-turn, and go back to it. She freaks out when I overshoot a destination. Sigh. Makes my head hurt, this anticipation of teenager-hood.

Blogger Lemon Stand said...

Oh NO Lorelie...They have only perfected their technique by time they get to their teens!

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