22 September 2006
I need someone multilingual
I checked my stat counter today (like I do, obsessively. And anyone who says they don't has either been blogging for years and years or is lying.) Something new popped up. Someone has linked me. Anyone know what they're saying? I'm pretty curious. At first I was pretty sure it was German but I've run it through several free translation programs and they choked.

Or hey, Erik Hoy if you come back, what'd you say?

UPDATE: Tried Dutch. Didn't work.


Blogger Maximus said...

Looks Danish to me, you might try that.

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Yeah, I think it's Danish. Something about the comments you made about the army. Here's a link that does a piss poor job of translating Danish, but you'll get the idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is Danish, look for the 'about me' page on the right hand side, oyu will see, he is from Denmark

Blogger Rhianna said...

Those little circle things, and lines through "o"'s denote a Norse language, not a Germanic one. My Danish is like, shit, but it's roughly that he's talking about milblogging, the Iraq war, America. He's listing the number of women milbloggers versus men, and you're an Italian housewife...That's about all I can get out of it, but following the suggested translator, this is what you get:

That the soldier blogger is displayed none something new. However that there straight has been made a emnekatalog Milblogging , by those bloggere , can are accessed awhile from a historieskrivning. While the journalist fortrinsvis gets their business from a couple of international's the press bureau ( that again is dependent from get the journalist ), so is the soldier out-and-out to frontlinjen 24/7 ( that is. 24 classes to a nine days' wonder , 7 days about the week ). Emnekatalogen is split up at various the land. AMERICA and Irak is hard overrepræsenteret , so that reflect mirror possibly awhile vægtningen to they registering weblogs. Afghanistan and Serbien implied longish down. Leaf decent awhile to they vil decent fast find that that for the most part is the soldier from America. In other words featuring that best weblogs by the soldier from AMERICA udstationerede to various the land to universe. A lot of act amid pseudonym. Only ca. 10 from they total ca weblogs is written at others languages than british. On the other hand a surprising large number women , total 363, against the men 1.050. It is for the most part pårørende , consequently no soldaterne.Ikke all weblogs to Milblogging is the soldier. Some is pårørende , that here a italian housewife to a udstationeret soldier. I tried that look over a score pieces , and it is impossible that find anything globally that rewrite those weblogs. It is in spite of everything enkeltpersoners experiences. They're much too forskelligartede. Therefore can the readers themselves fitting that walk at discovery to this bit samtidshistorie.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Well, there you have it then.

And here I thought it was all about this hot military wife and her blog...hmmmm?

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