06 September 2006
Horrible Mom files, entry 623
Yesterday, when I picked up the older kid from daycare, I was smiling wistfully at him and thinking about how my baby was growing up. He'd started Kindergarten and I was idly planning a blog post about how I was so proud of him. Then he bent over (um, actually kinda wiggled his butt at me, making monkey noises.)

I realised his khakis were on backwards.

I'd sent my child to his first day of school with his pants on backwards. Holy Christ. Praise jebus that apparently no one noticed.

In other news, my personal Office Troll is back. Hubby's advice is to a) quit effective immediately and dropping all projects I'm responsible for, pointing the finger at OT when people ask why or b) cuss him out. Both of which sound more and more appealing day by day.


Blogger Rhianna said...

Oh lord, that's not THAT bad. I have to constantly stop my middle one AT the bus stop to get her to put her shoes on the right feet. And, well, we went a whole day the other day with the two year-old having her pants on backwards - it took the five year-old getting OFF the bus to tell me about it. Hehehe, I'm a dorkfish - they caught me on a corndog. ;)

Now, why choose only ONE? Do both! It's be more fun - but make sure there's "photographic evidence". :D

Anonymous MsFreud said...

My personal favorite? Getting them dressed really well- everything nice and matching for school- to have them spill shit on it right before walking out the door.

I agree with Rhi- Do both. Cuss him out and close it out with a big Fuck You, I Quit.

Blogger Household6 said...

Just blame your kid - tell the public you let them dress themselves.

As for the idiot boss, I almost shouted "Huzzah!" when I found out mine had gotten a new job before we left Germany. If you can wait it out do so, if you can't line up something better before the "fuck off" speech.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

See I keep telling you to tell the dick head off. (She won't let me do it) Quite and send a letter to his boss explaining how he made it an unbearable work space and send it to every one from the Col down to the lonely internet surfers.


Blogger Lemon Stand said...

As far as the clothes go, not only do I have to check their outer clothes to make sure they are on facing front, I have to make sure they are right side out. My youngest offspring at 8 still has to be checked coming out of the bath to make sure she put her underwear on the right way. I have gotten so frustrated with this that I asked her if they didn't FEEL wrong with her waist through the leg hole? I was told that underwear felt uncomfortable no matter how you put it on. Come to find out, the elastic really bothers her so I found some new ones that are fabric all the way around and as long as they are PINK I don't have a problem with her getting them on the right way. Go figure. No uncovered elastic and only in pink?

Anonymous trudy said...

As the mother of a child who once wore my black panties as an over the shoulder ensemble to day care (she had her head and arm through one leg hole, the other arm through the other leg hole) without anyone noticing till she took off her coat....I can only say that it can get worse.....enjoy

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Hey... that man... the one in your header... do you actually HAVE a spare?? That would be fun :)

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Haha, salome, I wish!

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

If you don't have a spare, could we just share the one you do have? Once a week... heck, once a month. I'm not greedy, honest!

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