24 August 2006
The second strangest thing I've seen on this post
Lately, in the afternoons, I've been seeing a gelato (ice cream) truck cruising around post. It plays a little tune from its loudspeaker and everything.

Now keep in mind the only housing on this post is the barracks - where the single soldiers live. All the family housing is off post by about half a mile. I never see anyone waving down the truck. Who is this guy selling to?

The title of strangest thing ever seen on this post is still held by Santa being pulled in his sleigh by human reindeer.


Blogger lilfunky1 said...

single people need icecream too sometimes... or maybe he's being punished for stealing icecream by doing the really horrible run of single people who don't buy icecream.

Blogger Household6 said...

My work had an icecream truck too. I've never seen a group of adults flock faster down the stairs around 2pm everyday even faster than the fire alarm!

no ac + hot summer = ice cream fiends

Anonymous MsFreud said...

Our ice cream man rings a bell that sounds like he's dragging his muffler behind the truck... at 8:30 at night. It's charming.

Blogger Josh said...

Nice blog. Love the eye candy on either side of the title.

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