16 August 2006
Am I the only person who hates thinking up titles?
Check my sidebar out! Lookie! Check that shit out. All those headers are clickable and then they expand and show all my link stuff and it's so freaking cool. I got the code from Dynamic Drive and I put it in my template it all on my own. (With a couple looks at the source code of sites that already had it working.) Squee! I'm so proud of myself.

Ok, deep breath. I know that's not particularly exciting to y'all but it makes me happy.

Anyway, my personal Office Troll is gone for two weeks. The Angels sang Halleluiah! My boss is back from her vacation too. Wanna know how much she rocks? I had my usual problems getting to sleep last night (the husband's away again) so at lunch I told her I was gonna go rack out in the conference room and to please wake me when lunch was over. Next thing I know it's 2:20pm and my only other co-worker in the building is flipping on the light and asking what I'm doing back there. Apparently my boss came in at one and thought I looked too peaceful to wake up, especially since there was nothing going on. Gawd I'm gonna miss that woman.

It's ridiculous how excited I am about moving to Arizona. Everything looks like a go. We've even heard from DA that the orders are getting changed. I've started job hunting, something I'd been avoiding when we were going to Bragg. I think I'm going to apply for a position with DHS Immigration. Not sure if I'm going to get it though, since they want someone with experience in law enforcement support. Can't hurt though.

I did realise Monday I'm heading into a peculiar situation, one I used to experience when I lived in Southern California but haven't really had since. My coloring and features are fairly dark and easily open to interpretation. I've been asked if I was latina, black, and even filipino, usually based on whatever the person asking me was. (I realised this when my manicurist, who was from Peru, asked if I was Latina.) From what I can gather, Tucson seems to have a large Latino population, same as SoCal. There I used to have a frequent problem with people trying to talk to me in Spanish and then getting flat out pissed when all I said was "No habla espanol." Like they thought I was just trying to ignore them or something. I do understand a lot of Spanish but have a hard time speaking it. Maybe I should brush up. Heh, that'd help with my job search too, prolly.


Anonymous MsFreud said...

Dammit Shit and hellfire- I have been trying to figure out how to do that for 2 weeks!
All I got accomplished is an about me static page, and blowing up my site about 6 times.
Looks great tho!

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Took me two evenings. heehee

Blogger Rhianna said...

I'm jealous! You're sidebar is so damn neat and tidy. My OCDism is in super green-eyed monster mode. Now, how's about a link to that there site you got the codes from, huh? For us less code-worthy folks. ;)

You don't look latina to me. You look white with dark hair and eyes. Do you tan well, or no?

Oh, as for Amazon wishlists - um, nope, I don't do those. I don't need anything so I don't ask for anything.

Blogger Manic Witch said...

The funny thing is that not ALL hispanics speak spanish. I live in a predominantly hispanic area and many of the locals are 3rd and 4th generation Americans and don't speak any more spanish than I do. In fact, quite a few speak less.

Blogger Manic Witch said...

Can you email me the link to the site where you got the codes? Is dynamic drive a website for that stuff? I love the clean look.

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