10 August 2006
That's not my goddamned name!
Umkay, so Lorelie isn't my real name. I think y'all knew that. I use it 'cause my husband's faintly paranoid about "operational security" and all those other Army buzz words. I've been trying to write this post without actually putting my name in but fuck it. I'll do it this once and if anyone's actually reading they'll know my name. So ssshhhh.

My name is Cathleen. I always introduce myself using the whole thing. It's my name and I like it. WTF gives people the right to nickname me? I don't mean my friends or people I care about or even people I see often. Random fuckers I run into about every other month. And 99% of the time they use Cathy, which I fucking despise. I spent most of my school as Cathy B. and I grew bloody tired of it. Cathy's not even shorter! It's the same number of syllables, takes the same amount of breath to say. It someone ever asks me directly about a nickname, I give them Cat and they still can't manage to remember that. Dude, I don't even care if they spell it with a K just so long as they don't call me Cathy. But nooooooo, that's entirely too much work.

Typical conversation:
Random Ho: "Hi Cathy, how've you been?"
Me: "It's Cathleen. And I've been fine, you?"
Ho: "Oh, I've been good too. You know how these things go, Cathy."


Could you display your self-absorption any more clearly?

(These backgrounds are looking a lot less bright when I create them at home. Why the fuck can't I set my monitor right there?)


Blogger Rhianna said...

Sorry you're havin' name issues. I've got 'em to. I try to blow off the person too dumb or lazy to get it right, but I hear ya on the just too f*ckin' much of it. Wow, you used your REAL name. I'm shocked! :D

They're not that bright. Really lavender for me, but not a bad color combo, not hard on the eyes either. Maybe your monitor knows what you wanna see and so shows it to you. ;)

Blogger Angel said...

Okay so I might win the name issue contest...My name is Gynon..yes Gynon and NO IT'S NOT AFTER STAR TREK!!! I get guynon...i get gwinon, never Gynon (pronounced Ja-non). Now people have reverted to just calling me a letter... G

How annoying!!!!!

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