11 August 2006
Fine, I'll STAY ugly!
I'm starting to think some higher power doesn't want me to get prettified. Wednesday I had a pedicure appointment that ended up being cancelled because the girl locked herself out of the house. Not a big deal, shit happens. (Though I did end up a little pissed at the receptionist. He so could have called me before I got there and then I could have had more than a flippin' cappuccino for lunch. Instead my tummy grumbled all afternoon.) I rescheduled that one for Monday at lunch.

Today I had a hair/eyebrow wax appointment. So my car died. At least it had the grace to die on post, so it could easily be towed to AutoZone. Not that it does me much good, as the guy at AutoZone couldn't guarantee when they could look at it. Plus if I need a part, I'm screwed 'til September because it's faire Augusto or however the fuck they spell it. The Holiday month.

But the really disturbing part of all this? I'm gonna have to cancel my appointment tonight, because there's not enough for the Husband and the brats to do for two hours. I really might cry over this. You should see my split ends!


Blogger Rik said...

Hey, at least you're still in Italy. Wanna trade places?

BTW, it's "Ferie"...


Blogger LorelieLong said...

Quite true. When I'm not cranky, Italy's pretty damn cool. And thanks but no thanks, Germany doesn't do it for me. :)

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

What do you mean there's not enough for them to do?

There's never enough for me and my spawn to do all day but you'll notice I'm still left alone with them.

Run away, run away!!!!

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