22 August 2006
I'm not sure if yesterday happened or not.
Alright, so me? Yesterday? At about 0830? Completely pissed off. At the world in general and at AAFES car care center specifically. But by about noon, I zenned out. So many annoying and bizarre things had happened (such as getting a lunch invite from Ms. RedBull) that there really wasn't anything else I could do. It was go zen and accept a sense of the absurd for the day or have a fucking stroke and feel my eye bulge out of its socket. I would ignore the fact that if AAFES had gotten off their fat asses and called me I could have had my car three days earlier and NOT have had to be on post by 6 am with the Husband (which meant getting up at 5-fucking-am). I would not worry about the day care worker who was too fucking stupid to check under a blanket for my son's change of clothes. Contact from a person who used to be my friend and hadn't said shit to me in six months?

Oh wait, there's the anger again. Breath in, breath out and think of pretty rock gardens with soothing lines raked into the sand.

Think about the package I got from Amazon. Never mind, the postal workers were another source of my unrelenting disgust with this post.

I did get a book I'd been waiting on for a while. Suzanne Brockman's Into The Storm. A little quote from it that made me laugh hysterically:

"A woman like Tracy wouldn't be content to do the laundry, cook dinner now and
then, perform gymnastic sex acts on command, and then cheerfully wave good-bye
when duty called. "Have fun with your SEAL pals, honey! . . . I'll
be fine here on my own, doing jigsaw puzzles and watching Jane Austen movies
until you get home."

Replace SEAL with Army and jigsaw with blog and you have my life.


Blogger Lemon Stand said...

LOL! I LOVED that line too! Hope today goes better for ya.

Blogger Household6 said...

AAFES is so annoying too!

Anonymous trudy said...

Enjoy your book...it's a good one.

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