15 September 2006
I know this is a small community, but still. . .
We've been trying, for a while, to give Doggy away. Hubby came home from his time away suddenly allergic to dogs (as well as something in certain teas). So Doggy's been living exclusively in her crate or outside, which is a miserable existance for a dog.

I got a call today from a guy who said his wife was very interested and I arranged to meet the couple in a neutral location on Sunday, so they could meet her.

About a half hour after the call, I was in the PX, standing in the dog aisle. (She just chewed up her leash a couple days ago, and while it still works, it looks kind of ratty.) A couple walked behind me and I heard the woman say "Should we get some dog food now or on Sunday?"

Naw. It couldn't be.

Could it?

It's probably some couple who already has a dog and they're running low on food. But hell, if it is, he sure wasn't kidding about how interested she is.


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Scroll down in these comments to read about the weird coincidence that freaked out Beth and I. The internet is not a small town - what are the odds???

Blogger Household6 said...

Lets hope you find a good home!

Blogger Fahrenheit519 said...

How about an update? Was it them???

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