02 October 2006
Why? Why is it always the person who knows the least about computers who feels compelled to give advice on them?

We've got a new person. I had a bit of difficulty sorting out her new email account, but I knew what needed to be done. And I told her. And yet, one guy felt it necessary to give her conflicting, confused advice.

This is the guy who once took his laptop to the "help" desk and it ended up fucked. When I asked him why he'd taken it there, and what he'd asked them to do, he didn't know. Apparently he took it for fun? For exercise? Just 'cause he could? Moron. And he was surprised when it was messed up. This is the dude whose home computer is a god-knows-how-old Gateway. Now, I've got nothing against old PCs, but when he brings it in to someone else in our office (who actually does know a lot about computers and I wouldn't be bitching if it had been HIM giving advice) because he's somehow fucked the CD burner? Don't be giving advice the same day.

But he's sure our new person's problem is her data port, not her email account. Even though he'd just watched me sign on to her computer with no problem. Sigh. Maybe I have a magical network account that can make broken LAN drops work.

God save me from idiots.


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