28 September 2006
Titles Suck
Just in case anyone's wondered where I've been for the past week . . .

My posts would have looked like this:
  • "Gawd, I'm tired."
  • "Gawd, I hate being sick."
  • "Gawd, I hate my Office Troll."
Repeat as necessary. And wouldn't that seriously get boring?

On another note, how do the military wives out there stay at home? I've been looking at our budget, trying to figure out if I can stay home so I can go to school full time and I can't figure it out. How do y'all do it? Are you broke all the time? I can get the basics paid for but there's not much left after that. Do y'all have any fun? Go out for dinner? Pay for gas? Do your husbands take packed lunches? And I'm trying to make this work on an E7's salary. I can't freaking imagine what E5s and lower go through. I'm not kidding, this isn't snarking. I'm seriously wondering. Have the hubby and I just gotten totally fucking spoiled on our current incomes?


Blogger Maximus said...

We don't have any debt besides our car payments. Those two together total 500 a month. We pay insurance, have cable, use only our cell phones, contribute to our savings and IRA. That's pretty much it for monthly bills. Dh is an E7 with 15 years. I do some bookkeeping for my family's business, but really, I don't need the money. We have plenty of money, and do whatever we want. :shrugs:

Anonymous A said...


Living on one salary can be done, if you are creative. T and I still go out to dinner (when he is home) and we have a brand new 4 wheeler, a jeep that we dump thousands into every month, and I have a new car with money left over every month... you just have to watch credit card bills and limit your fun activities to a reasonable amount per month... Think outside the box!

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Whaddaya know? Apparently it's a piece of cake ;) I find that having toddlers saves us money... we never get a chance to go out and spend!!

Blogger Lemon Stand said...

Been there, done that. Look into getting grants at the college of your choice. There are also scholarships for military dependants and that includes YOU! We did this for a while and eventually had to take out a few small student loans but as long as you don't use credit cards, go easy on the outings, buy books at second hand shops, have a yard sale occassionally and frequent other such sites, it CAN be done. We have 4 kids on almost an E-6 pay grade (DH is in the Air National Guard but during the week he works as a state employee doing the same job and getting paid 2/3 of the salary of and active duty E-6) Believe me, the things we do without are made up by the time we get to spend with the kids while they are younger and the education opportunities!)

Blogger Lemon Stand said...

It just so happens that the following crossed my email today and I wanted to pass it on for you.

Military Dependant Scholarship Finder http://aid.military.com/scholarship/search-for-scholarships.do?

Military Dependant School Finder

These are NOT the only resources to be found. Check out the location you will be moving to. States often have individual assistance and usually information on WHERE to look can be found by calling the State Military Liason Office, Family Support, City or Town Clerk, Financial Aid Offices of Educational facility of choice.

I hope you get the chance to do this, both for yourself AND your family.

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Thanks for the links Lemon, but I guess I should have explained a bit more - I have the Montgomery GI bill to pay for the actual schooling. It's the household budget stuff I was wondering at.

Blogger Lemon Stand said...

Lorelei, You can still use the grant money (other than GI BILL) to use for the household accounts. Believe me, both my husband and I got GI BILL and if you had to rely on THAT to pay the food on the table you'd be starving. It took a combination of GI BILL, grants and scholarships for us. (With a few small student loans) But there is alot more money out there than you think. It just takes a lot of digging. We tended to pay for oil, electric and such by the quarter rather than the month. Still it's a lot of work but perhaps less aggavating than some of the yahoos at your work? Wishing you lots of luck, patience and perseverance!

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