11 October 2006
First I get smacked around, then I get double teamed
I got tagged with thise meme by two different people. Carrie and Annie, here ya go.

1 - One book that changed your life: I think I'm going to have to say Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. It was one of my first forays past the realm of YA and I was pretty blown away that people actually wrote things like that.

2 - One book that you've read more than once: I'm a habitual re-reader. If I like a book, it'll sit on my shelves for a while, waiting for its second read. If it's still good that go, it stays forever. The tie between the two most re-read would be between The Past Through Tomorrow (Heinlein's Future History short stories) and Suzanne Brockmann's Out of Control (love the scene in the lean-to).

3 - One book you'd want on a desert island: Army Field Manual 21-76. The Army's survival manual.

4 - One book that made you laugh: Most recently, Julia Quinn's On the Way to the Wedding. Not nearly as much as some of her previous ones have made me laugh, though.

5 - One book that made you cry: Where the Red Fern Grows. Try sneak-reading it in class and coming to the part where the dogs die. Whah!

6 - One book that you wish you had written: The Da Vinci Code. Money, baby, money!

7 - One book that you wish had never been written: The Da Vinci Code. Oh, the obsession of the masses! Our little excuse for a bookstore on post just replaced its permanent Da Vinci Code corner display with Sudoko puzzles. Woo-hoo, jump on the next band wagon.

8 - One book you're currently reading: When in Rome . . . by Genna Townley. And yes, that ellipsis is in the title. I should have figured it out there. It's a chick lit book, I'm one chapter in and I'm already not sure if I'm going to finish. The lead's a nitwit.

9 - One book you've been meaning to read: Eh, if I mean to, I read it. Or at least give it a shot.

10 - Tag Five People: I don't tag, but let me know if you play.


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Ta-dah! That's the first time I've tagged five people and all of them played along. It's what I get for asking writers to participate, we wordy bunch.

And the Red Fern thing made me laugh. It's why I don't take certain books to J's ballet class - just know that I don't want to look like a crying moron.

Blogger Rhianna said...

Hokay, I played along. :D

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