19 October 2006
Guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease
Umkay, so we have these things every month called Community Action Counsels. All the big wigs show up at the movie theater and sit at a table on the stage and answer questions. Sometimes the questions are emailed in advance, or called in but there's just as much time given to people who actually show up in person.

Last time, I didn't go but I listened on the radio. At one point, some woman got up. Tearful, she told the CAC that her son was seeing inappropriate magazine covers in the Bookmark section of the Shoppette. He was too young, she sniffed and they were good Christians and it just wasn't right. The kid's age? 14. The covers he was seeing? Maxim, FHM, etc. Wha, wha wha. The Hubby and I laughed about it.

But you know what? The rearranged the display anyways, so that the "mens" magazines are facing a different direction now. Not sure what impact it'll have, other than making sure the poor kid can't ever choose a novel to read, since that's the way they face.


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

(Tongue in cheek) My brother thinks back fondly to the days before the internet when young boys had to hoard their porn like special treasures. Find an old Playboy? It hides under the bed for years, well used. He says porn just makes it too easy on kids these days. I guess he wasn't thinking of life in a household with that lady as his mom. That poor 14-yo probably has stuff... she just hasn't found it yet.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

I was on the same line as Lovelysalome up there...uh yeah...I'm not saying I'm a fan of Maxim and whatnot but yeah, that boy has seen much worse, I guarantee it.

If he hasn't his mother ought to start worrying...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember attending one of these back in the late 80's in Germany. The issue? Moving the Class 6 into the shoppette. The specific complaint was that kids might see the "pretty colored bottles" and head down the road to satanism...

Glad to hear nothing has changed there!

Blogger Rhianna said...

Not just you. Our "brand new" crapass shoppette on the Flight-line side now has all the FHM/Maxim covered with the blue "adult reading material" on the top shelf. As I pointed out to hubby, the "xbox" magazine had a hoochie mama with half her ass showing, the "lady's" magazines had some chick with all but her nips out, and some broad in a bikini.

The magazines face the movie rental section - where the new releases include (but are far from limited to) t-n-a of epic proportions - in the "teen comedy/drama" zone. Sex is only NOT okay if it's in a men's magazine. On the radio, on tv, on Italian billboards for the 'sexy shop' in Pordenone, in the movies, in the magazines, on the newspaper, in public - it only effects their innocent little minds if Maxim/FHM/Stuff produced it. Nevermind the crap that "lowrider" and "tatoo" get away with...that's "ART".

That kid has gotten really good at hiding his stash, and his mother is an idiot.

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