10 February 2007
Progress finally!
I have a house! (Insert triumphant movie music here.) I have keys and a fridge was delivered and everythin'. However I still have no furniture. Thats all getting delivered on Monday. Both shipments from Italy. Plus my phone and my internet and my DishNetwork are all getting installed then too. There's gonna be so many workers crawling over my house, it'll be hilarious. I'm envisioning something like a Benny Hill episode.

And when the Husband calls from school he wants to talk about curtains. I appreciate his interest but I've tried explaining to him that at this point I'm more concerned with getting everything IN the house. Hey, count my blessings right? Most guys'd just kinda shrug when asked about curtains and answer "Ones you can't see through so we can get busy in the living room."

Side note - I had the walk through Thursday and the builder representative was telling me what he knew about the other neighbors. He points across the street and says "They're military but they seem pretty nice." I wonder if he even realised how that could be interpreted, using "but" instead of "and". (No, he has no idea we're military, he hasn't met the Husband.)


Blogger Lemon Stand said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sending you salt, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and many, many blessings! So glad to hear you will be 'connected' again.

woohoo Congrats!! Sorry I haven't gotten back to ya but I'd like to meet up with ya when u get all situated.

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Blogger Rhianna said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats! We will be getting photos, yes?!? We must live vicariously through you after all. :D

A man interested in curtains. What exactly do they teach at that school?? ;)

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