23 October 2006
where's my trophy?
I went by the 5 year old's school to have lunch with him today. (At 1040 in the morning. That's not lunch, that's a really big morning snack.) After dining on oh-so-delicious mashed potatoes and chocolate pudding (only parts that looked edible to my stomach) the boy didn't want me to leave. He got kinda sad and clingy and asked for something of mine to keep "to 'member by". It was kinda sweet, so I started digging in my purse. Of all the days for me not to be hauling around ten pounds of junk!

So I gave him my Club Alladin card. For those of you that don't know (most of you, I assume), it's this free club thingie for people who play slots in Vegas. More you spend, more free prizes you get. Ya know, 'cause gambling is great and just what my son needs to carry a reminder of.

Ain't I the mom of the year?


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

But I bet he thought it was great and showed it to all his friends. Oooooh Las Vegas!

Blogger Lemon Stand said...

Hmmm, I just looked in my purse and found a small first aid kit in a plastic baggy, keys, checkbook, change and a couple of old m&m's mingling at the bottom (wonder if they will be fruitful and multiply and what would their offspring look like...chocolate pennies?), a pen (that doesn't write), electric bill, swim goggles and ooops an unpaid parking ticket.

Sounds to me like you did pretty good. Can't think of anything that I could have given to one of my kids.

My youngest is 8 and has been very clingy too. Especially now that Daddy is playing in the sandbox. You have made me think that perhaps I need to find something of his to have her 'save' for him...just until he gets back.

Is Baby Bump making it's presence known with food aversions? I never had problems with cravings, only the aversions.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Things That Would Have Been Worse Choices


Wait...you wouldn't have either of those in your purse, now would you?

My kids would get lipgloss(don't count on it...they'd enjoy that too much) or a coupon for two free keys at Ace Hardware. Man, I have a boring purse.

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