20 February 2007
Baptism by fire
It's 3:20 am and I'm doing laundry. Not fun, lemme tell ya. But then, neither is waking up at 2:40 am and finding the three year old vomiting all over my bed. And then finding, when I go to move the kids back into their room (both were in the bed with me) that he's already annointed that room too. So I had to put them in the living room. Naturally, they both blissfully drift back to sleep. While I get to clean the mess. Off fucking cream colored carpet. And what have I apparently failed to buy before now? Oh, yeah, any sort of carpet cleaner. Happy happy joy joy.

When the Hubby gets home at the end of the week, I'd planned an entirely different kind of Christening for each room.

UPDATE: 3:40 in the morning now. Did you know, even if you have an "extra large capacity" washer, a matrimonial sized (Italian equivilant of Queen) down comforter will not wash? Hell it won't even get all the way wet.


Blogger Christie said...
Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Oh, sweeties, I sympathize. We had our own vomiting pyrotechnics last night. Juliette's fever was 103 and every time I gave her Tylenol, she erupted. Four times in total. My bed was spared, but not her quilt, the carpet, or the bathroom rug. Only comfort I have is that because this is an apartment, the carpet is only mine for another few months. Take care. Focus on the good christening at the end of the week :)

Blogger Ann(ie) said...

I hope everyone's feeling better by now.

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