02 December 2007
And now the fun part begins
(I'm just gonna jump in here in the middle and we'll all pretend I haven't taken a year long hiatus from blogging.)

I've been writing. Fiction. It's fun, really. I started a short story and two secondary characters took over and said "Hey, we've got WAY more of teh awzome than those two!" So I went with it. What I was hoping would turn out around 15k words turned into 25k. Whoo-hoo, now that's a problem I can work with.

But I'm at the editing stage. I don't like the editing stage. Rewriting entire scenes from a different POV? That's ok, kind of interesting. Searching for the random 3s because my nails were too long while I was typing and I hit the 3 along with the E key? Not so fun.


Blogger Carrie Lofty said...

It's like a miracle! I've had you on bloglines for 100 years... and now you're here! Like the Great Pumpkin or something ;)

Can't wait to read what you've go for us!

Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

Just wait until you start on looking for throw away words - just, so, that, etc. - my faaavorite part of editing! BLEK!
But the polished result ROCKS! I just got started with my review, BTW.

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