18 June 2008
why don't cars just *go* and that's it?
So halfway through the drive to take my kids to grandma's house this weekend, the AC died. 7 hour drive. Unseasonable heat wave. Three kids in the car. Oh gee golly willikers that was fun. My only saving grace was that the sun had gone down, so it wasn't *quite* so hot.

Tuesday I took the Passat to the dealer to figure out what's wrong with it. (And for yearly service. Holy crap expensiveness.) Honestly, they still haven't told me what's wrong with the AC but I don't really care at this point. They're replacing the entire system and it's not costing me a dime. Yaay for warranties.

I've got a rental for the day (also free, an awesome warranty strikes again). It's a Saturn Vue and my apologies to all Vue owners out there but why the fuck would anyone want this car? It's got the uncomfortable feel and boxy styling of a minivan but none of the extra space. It's also got absolutely no acceleration or power and yet gets crappy gas mileage. I mean seriously? I thought those would be a trade off. Give up one, get the other.

I miss my Passat. :(


Blogger Tiffany Aller said...

I sympathize with losing AC during the middle of a long drive! When I was moving to Texas about six years ago, I lost AC in the middle of Tennessee, with 750 miles left to drive...yay for Texas summer heat and no AC! Ugh, it was awful. Glad to hear your super duper warranty is taking care of it!

Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Hubby and I once had to drive to Provo, UT from Corvallis, OR, over mountians and endless desert for fourteen hours straight (one way)...and the speed sensor was broken so the cruise control didn't work. Ugh. Sore right leg...

And yet still a trip to remember. Enjoy your three weeks "off"!

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