14 April 2008
Firefly and assorted other bits (Contest soon!)
So I just wrapped up watching Firefly and Serenity and Torchwood, all for the first time. Captain Mal would totally kick Captain Jack's butt. O' course Captain Jack has his moments -- particularly when he's cheery in a faintly psychotic way. He doesn't do broody well.

But anyway, I was watching that episode where Captain Mal and Kaylee all go to the ball.

You know when Kaylee appears in the pink shepherdess dress?

My five year old: "She's a ho."


Well I know that one's not my fault. I may have a foul mouth sometimes, but "ho" sure ain't one of my words.

The arguments for finding new daycare options for them stack up every day.

Next child-Firefly interaction: I was watching the scene in Serenity where River goes to town in that bar and she's whacking the crap outta everyone and my 7yo walked in. "It's like she's dancing." Why yes, yes it is.

In other news: Writerly types (and those who like contests), stop by May 1st. I've got a surprise for y'all!


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