14 February 2008
I like my pretty pink glasses
You know, I used to think I was a realist. Not too happy skippy but not always positive everything would turn out badly.

Yeah, not so much.

Most recent example? I've been planning on going to the RWA National conference for about three months now. All sorts of excited and over the moon about it. Second favorite city in the States, finally meeting up with internet pals, learning bunches of new stuff and free book-icing on top of that. Then the husband found out he would deploy to Iraq. Still not a huge problem. In fact, it would be easier to save and my grandma would time her summer visit so she could watch the kids. Good to go.

A couple days ago, Hubby was told the month for his R&R leave - August. But I'm still not panicking, right? Really, the conference is only two days of that, it'll be fine. They told him yesterday it would probably be the earlier part of the month but it's not set in stone yet. And me? Still not upset. 'Cause I'm kinda convinced, knowing the Army, that shit will change at least five more times and he probably won't get leave until September. I'm just kinda concerned he finds out in a reasonable amount of time, or I'll be paying 700 for my airplane ticket. Everything's rosy in my little world.

I'm kinda delusional, I think.


Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Rackin' frackin' other people's schedules grumble grumble...how dare they schedule R&R when you're leaving for the first time in how long for yourself? Gnash gnash...

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