16 January 2008
FRG. . . blech
I hate FRG meetings. I hate pre-deployment FRG meetings even more. "Here's a whole lot of speechifying and a tiny bit of information you'll actually use. In fact, everything you need fits on this one sheet of paper we're handing out! Sure, we could have emailed it, but we like taking up an hour of your night!"

A few random observations:

Any woman who wears patchouli oil to a meeting should be dunked in a horse trough before she's allowed in. Any woman who wears enough of it to smoke out a large room should be dunked in ice water and scrubbed with a wire brush.

Any officer who says "I'll be brief" will talk the longest out of anyone speaking. And he'll repeat himself a minimum of three times.

There will almost always be two speakers who will have a voice too soft to be heard midway through the room. Usually, these two are people who have to talk at briefings as part of their every day jobs. Which leaves me baffled as to how they've never noticed everyone from three rows back straining forward to hear them.


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